The historic decision to abolish Article 370 has been taken by the Government of India on 5 August. After the announcement of the removal of Article 370 by the Government of India, Article 370 is being talked about everywhere. Everyone wants to know about its benefits and losses, but the impact of the removal of Article 370 will affect the citizens of Kashmir and other Indian citizens, then we only guessed if we know what Article 370 says? Let us know together what is in Article 370-

    What is Article 370 of Indian Constitution? 

    Article 370 of the Constitution of India gives special status to Jammu and Kashmir. Actually, the merger of Jammu and Kashmir with India was a very important issue, so the Government of India at that time (1947), by creating Article 370, gave some special rights to the local people here. These special rights are as follows -

    •  Accordingly, the SC order in Jammu and Kashmir is also not Valid.
    • Article 370 takes away the right of citizens of the rest of India to buy land here.
    • According to Article 360 ​​of the Constitution, financial emergency can be imposed in the country but this article also does not apply in Jammu and Kashmir. It can declare a state of emergency only in case of war or external aggression.

    What is Article 35A of Indian Constitution? 

    This article was added to the Constitution of India on 14 May 1954 by order of President Dr. Rajendra Prasad. Like Article 370, this article gives some special rights to the Legislature of Jammu and Kashmir, away from the rest of the states of India. These special rights are as follows-

    • It empowers the Legislature of Jammu and Kashmir to identify "permanent citizens" of the state. 
    • This article prohibits the people of the rest of the states of India from getting jobs in the state-government of Jammu and Kashmir, purchase of land or any type of immovable property in the state, settling in the state and getting the scholarship given by the state government.
    After the above information, you must have known so much about what Article 370 and 35A is about. Obviously, while reading this, some questions may also have arisen in your mind, so let's have a look at some such questions which may have arisen in everyone's mind. -

    Q. While the SC order is not valid in Jammu and Kashmir, how was Article 370 removed?

    Answer- You will find the answer in section 3 of Article 370, where it has been said that if the President wishes, he can abolish this article with the consent of the local government of Jammu and Kashmir. And, at the time this section was removed, there was then President's rule in Jammu and Kashmir, so the President could remove this article without any restriction, and did so.

    What will be the benefit of the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir with the removal of Article 370?

    With the removal of Article 370, the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir can have these benefits-
    • With the removal of this article, the people of the rest of the country will get an opportunity to live, settle and do business, which will provide employment to the local people.
    • ike other states, "Right to education" will be implemented here, which will educate more people. In such a situation, terrorist activities will also be reduced. 
    • If Ladakh is separated from Kashmir, its development will increase rapidly.
    Note - The benefit written above is based on the estimate. Really, what will be the benefit, it will tell the time to come.